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You might begin class with a discussion that bridges a review of Romanticism with the introduction of photography. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Background readings might include the textbook, selected thematic essays from the Metropolitan Museum of Art or Victoria and Albert Museum websites, or this Smarthistory article. Additionally, the Victoria and Albert Museum provides an excellent guide to photographic techniques. Videos are a good way of demonstrating the difficulties of early photographic processes as well as explaining their later industrialization. The British Museum has a demonstration of the calotype , and the Getty has good videos for both the daguerreotype and the wet collodion process that could be watched in class or assigned along with the readings above.

Nineteenth-Century Photography

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Compiled by Todd Ellison, Certified Archivist (last revised 8/7/) Although the world’s first picture postcards date from the s to the The easiest way to distinguish a real photo postcard is to look at it under a C D ​.

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Map this menu! The 20th Century Limited was considered the most luxurious way to travel by train in the early s. Some of the women writers in this list have won awards and some have not, some are more literary and others more popular—this sisterhood of writers is very diverse. During the first half of the 19th century, still lifes became q During the early 20th century, many composers experimented with rhythm, gained inspiration from folk music and assessed their views on tonality.

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Consisting of names, nationalities, dates, locations and more, PIC is a vast and growing resource for the historian, student, genealogist, or any lover of photography’s history. The information has been culled from trusted biographical dictionaries, catalogs and databases, and from extensive original research by NYPL Photography Collection staff. Want to read about 19th century female photographers in England? Select Female from the Gender options, England from the Address Country options, and set the end date to In fact, many of the Sources have great biographies, so check them out!

The date also marked his first reportage photographs made for In the late 20th century, satellites and later the Internet were used for the.

When photographs are passed down through generations of families, sometimes the stories of the people in the images become fragmented or lost. If you find yourself with a collection of photographs that lack contextual information, there are a number of clues you can look out for. The most effective way to date photographs is to combine historical analysis with knowledge of different photography techniques and materials through time.

Here at The National Archives, we have teams who specialise in both areas and in this blog, Visual Collections Researcher Katherine Howells and Conservator of photographs and paper Ioannis Vasallos share their tips. You can also look out for handwritten notes on the back of the photograph such as names, events or locations.

Look also at sleeves — is there a puff at the shoulder? And hairstyles — consider the parting, fringe and accessories. There are plenty of online resources on the history of fashion which can assist you in identifying the different elements. The presence of an individual in uniform can make the process of dating the photograph easier. This is the case for photographs taken in the 20th century, when uniforms become more standardised.

However, for earlier photographs, uniforms can sometimes add to the mystery. These seemingly small details may provide a vital clue that draws your research together! Sitting down with somebody and giving them time to reminisce over a photograph may be the most fruitful thing you can do. Ask them if they recognise faces, fashions or locations depicted in the photograph.

Family photos: what are they wearing?

Publisher’s numbering scheme Other clues. Pioneer Era Although the world’s first picture postcards date from the s to the mids, most of the earliest American picture postcards extant today are those that were sold at the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Illinois, starting on May 1, These were illustrations on government-printed postal cards and on privately printed souvenir cards. The government postal cards included a printed 1-cent stamp; the privately printed souvenir cards required a 2-cent adhesive postage stamp to be attached.

A tutorial to help everyday people add the dates to photos in your digital and scanned I must admit, my Mother is the last link to many of my family photos. Pols’ book about dating 20th century photos concentrates mainly on the years up to.

Cartier-Bresson was born and attended school in a village not far from Paris. Lhote implanted in him a lifelong interest in painting, a crucial factor in the education of his vision. In Cartier-Bresson went to the University of Cambridge , where he studied literature and painting. Making use of a small allowance, he traveled in Africa in , where he lived in the bush, recording his experiences with a miniature camera.

There he contracted blackwater fever , necessitating his return to France. The portability of a small camera and the ease with which one could record instantaneous impressions must have struck a sympathetic chord, for in he purchased his first mm Leica.

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AARP Rewards is here to make your next steps easy, rewarding and fun! Learn more. Two young men stare out at me from a small old photograph. On the back, in my grandmother’s handwriting, is written “Grandpa King’s brothers.

Jan 6, – Zac Efron Photos – Actor Zac Efron attends the Twentieth Century Fox premiere of “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates” in Hollywood, California,​.

Explore the stories behind images that changed the world, selected by TIME and an international team of curators. Harold Edgerton. David Jackson. Lennart Nilsson. Jeff Widener. Alberto Korda. Philippe Halsman. Bradley Cooper. Unknown Photographer. Harry Benson. Cindy Sherman.

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I’m just now starting to archive all the photos my Mom has. Most of the ones we are doing now are the real old ones—her family photos and my Dad’s family photos. The problem is she can’t always narrow down the date enough to come up with a year.

(Photo by Ivan Dmitri/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images) The 20th Century New York Central train, dating to the early 20th century that served New York.

Photographs and other images at the Smithsonian Institution Archives are not in a central file, but are dispersed throughout its collections. However, there are a few collections which are mostly devoted to photographs. Many digitized images from these and other collections can be found Archives’ Collection Search. Most online images can be downloaded in low resolution versions dpi or less.

We encourage the use of Archives images without charge or the need for permissions for educational and personal use. Reproduction fees for higher resolution images and additional commercial fees may apply. Photograph and Image Collections. This collection contains historic images of Smithsonian artifacts, portraits, buildings, and architectural drawings.

Expert tips on decoding your family portraits

Here are several sites that can help you put your aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents on the right branches of your family tree. Here are some places where you can pick up a few style cues to help you ID your own vintage family photographs! Wikipedia The collaborative encyclopedia Wikipedia provides a nicely detailed collection of articles about the many eras of clothing fashion.

Here are direct links to the sections dedicated to the time since photography was possible: s s s s s s s s s s — — s.

“The photograph was than 3D printed and is available for viewing at the Smithsonian.” Cmon guys captaindash • 5 years ago. C’mon John.

Photographs of our ancestors can be one of the most treasured traces they leave behind, often offering details of their age, status, relationships and more, as well as a glimpse into what kind of person they were. But, for those of us not versed in photographic history, family portraits can also be among the most difficult to analyse. Below is her number one tip on unlocking the potential bounty of information contained within family portraits.

The first commercial photographic studios opened in , so — take note — none of us are likely to possess family photographs dating from before then! Early studios produced daguerreotypes — one-off photographic images on a silvered copper plate that were usually presented in a folding case. They set the trend for portrait photography, yet were expensive, luxury pictures, so few families have daguerreotypes at home.

The earliest known surviving Australian daguerreotype dates from ; they were virtually obsolete by the mid s. In the early s a new photograph appeared — the wet collodion positive or ambrotype. This was another unique image, the glass plate negative turned into an apparently positive image by blacking one side of the glass with lacquer. However, studio ambrotypes were popular only briefly, as, like daguerreotypes, they were superseded by new photographic prints.

Carte de visite card-mounted prints were first produced in Britain and Australia in and by the early to mid s had become the most popular portrait photograph.

Photo Detective: 20th Century Photos Before Photoshop®

An emergency hospital in Kansas during the influenza epidemic. National Museum of Health and Medicine. By Alan Cowell. LONDON — There are times when the planet resets its course with a cruelty that seems as capricious as it is implacable. It is not the first time.

Previous | 1 – 20 of | Next» per page. 20 per page Creator: Unidentified; Collection: Loewentheil Collection of African-American Photographs; Date: ca.

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In my blog about Victorian studio portraits, I mentioned various methods of dating old, unidentified family photographs, with special emphasis on analysing the fashion clues. By contrast, the appearance of our ancestors and relatives as they posed for the camera cannot be mistaken: their clothes and accessories were real and of their time, providing an accurate contemporary visual record. The dress of the past as seen in photographs never lies, but recognising the garments, hats and hairstyles key to image dating requires a well-trained eye.

Family photographs are precious heirlooms that deserve due consideration, so knowing the historical parameters, with reference to dated photographic examples and through an understanding of dress, age, status and place, is invaluable.

This is a list of photographs considered the most important in surveys where authoritative 20th century[edit] Bill Brandt, The Lambeth Walk, c. The Metropolitan Museum of Art dates their copy of Talbot’s Haystack as “probably “.

Dating globes Last edits: February Questions about your old globe? Want to see photos of antique and vintage world globes? Do you collect antique or vintage terrestrial globes? Perhaps you like to see how older world globes show the political boundaries of their times. It is fascinating to see how countries and cities have changed their names over the decades, and the results of wars that have moved boundaries. Some people collect globes because they often show the tracks and routes that explorers took as they learned about our planet.

Others collect world globes because they are beautiful to look at. Whatever your reasons for collecting older globes, you may wonder “How old is my globe? The following dates will help you “date your globe” and determine how old it might be.

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